Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get a wedding gown at Socialite Boutique?
You should plan to order your gown from Socialite Boutique about four to six months before your wedding, as you’ll need to allow four to six weeks for alterations. If you’re having bridal portraits taken, you’ll want to add another two months; so we strongly encourage brides to purchase their gowns six to eight months before their wedding date.
Do I need an appointment?
Every client that chooses Socialite Boutique is very important and deservers our undivided attention. That's why we ensure that each client has their very own private appointment so that we can help you discover the dress you've been searching for or we will create it for you. Please book your appointment online or call 817-617-2069.
What is the average price of bridal gowns at Socialite Boutique?
The gowns at Socialite Boutique range from $500 to $2,500.
What is the average price of formal gowns at Socialite Boutique?
The gowns at Socialite Boutique range from $249 to $1200
What is the average price of formal /bridal gowns at Socialite Boutique?
Custom gowns at Socialite Boutique start at $500
May I bring friends when I try on gowns?
Trying on wedding gowns can be intimidating, especially if you have opinionated guests. Very often, we find friends focusing on what they like, not what the bride likes. They often disregard your budget, your wedding location and may not even know what your groom prefers. During your initial visit, we suggest that you bring your mom, your sister or a close friend. Let your professional stylist help you select styles that look great on your figure and that fit your sense of style and budget. On your second visit after you have selected a few wedding dresses, then invite your friends to help in the final decision.
What if I need a wedding gown in less than four months?
Often our designers can accommodate a rush order for an additional fee. Be upfront with your stylist about your timing, and she will work with you to find the best solution to have your gown ready in time for your big day. Sometimes, the resolution may be to purchase a sample gown.
Can you provide alterations at Socialite Boutique?
Yes, we offer alteration services for gowns purchased at Socialite Boutique.Depending on the necessary turnaround time, we can sometimes accept alterations for gowns not purchased at Socialite Boutique. You are not required to use our alterations department; it is available for your convenience, and we are known for the expert fit and fashionable bustles our staff creates. Alteration expenses will vary depending upon the work to be done, but you should budget $300-500 for alterations.
What is the delivery time for Bridesmaids and Evening Dresses?
Delivery time for Bridesmaids dresses is 12-14 weeks and Rush Cuts are available if needed for earlier shipping. Evening gowns shipping is 12 weeks, However, there is hanging stock available for certain styles and Rush cut delivery is available.
How does my bridesmaid know what size to order?
We suggest all bridesmaids have their measurements professionally taken to ensure the closest accuracy. Once measurements are taken, they are compared to the designer's size chart and the size is chosen to fulfill the largest measurement.  Typically a size or two larger than your normal dress size will be ordered as most gowns are cut on a smaller pattern.